5 Safe Ways to Safely Co-Sleep


Co-Sleeping is bad. You shouldn’t do it. It’s dangerous and prevents independence. Blah blah blah!


Heard any of that before or something similar?

Co-sleeping in a nutshell is sharing a bed with a child.

When I had my first child, Cos, I heard many reasons why I needed to put him in his own crib in his own room. Having him sleep in our bed was best for me because I didn’t have to wake up, walk to his room, feed him and try to put him back to sleep (yes lazy I know) but that helped me out. Especially when it was time to return to work and I had to wake up early. Getting enough sleep to get through the day was important.

You see I tried to put him to sleep in his crib due to listening to what others had to say, but my anxiety level would increase because I didn’t know whether or not he was okay and the constant checking on him made me even more tired. Not to mention he cried the entire time he was put in his crib.

Side note: One night I did try let Cos sleep in his crib and while on his back he vomited and couldn’t turn his head to let it out. Luckily I was standing right there. This scared me so bad that I really didn’t want to let him sleep by himself. 

By the way I hate the whole cry it out method but that’s for another post.

So Cos became a co-sleeper and I was very fortunate to have a hubby (thank you Marcos) who didn’t mind having a child in the bed with us, sleeping smack dab in the middle.

Now that Cos is three we are starting the transitioning process from our bed to his own. Of course this will take some time and patience but at the end of the day I’m glad I didn’t listen to the advice of others and followed my own path.

We were blessed to have our third child, Nessa, in September and she will sleep in the bed with us too and will be transitioned when the time’s right (The Time is Absolutely Right).

Speaking for myself there were some benefits to co-sleeping:

  1. My anxiety was reduced- being a first time Mommy was already hard enough so not having to worry about how he was doing in the other room was a relief.

  2. Co-sleeping was convenient- getting up extra early to go to work was already hard for me to do (I’m not a morning person, or a night person for that matter) so rolling over to check on Cos and for feeding (I bottle fed) helped me out tremendously when it came to waking up for work not as tired.

  3. Co-sleeping helped me during a horrible time- we lost our second child, Marquel, a month after he was born. Having Cos there in the bed with me allowed me to hold and cuddle with my Big Boy during this time. Co-sleeping gave me a sense of security and was what I needed to heal.

When it comes to co-sleeping there are some ways to practice safe co-sleeping habits:

  1. The last thing that needs to happen is rolling over and smothering a child. If there is a need to be close put a bassinet next to the bed. This will leave the bed open while still being close.

  2. Do not cover infant and small child fully. Make sure blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals are put at a safe distance and sheets and comforters are folded back to prevent them from covering the child’s head.

  3. Place child on their back while sleeping (as soon as Cos was able to turn and sleep on his stomach on his own he became a stomach sleeper).

  4. Be cautious of co-sleeping infants and older siblings in the same bed. Older children are not going to be aware of their smaller siblings while they sleep.

  5. Make sure child does not sleep close to the edge of the bed (I know…duh) and there are no cracks between the wall and the bed (again…duh).

Now of course we have some great moms who believe co-sleeping is dangerous and not good for mommy and baby. Some will even bash us moms who do co-sleep, but the most important thing to remember is every mom and household is different and bashing doesn’t solve anything nor will it change how we see what is right for our children.

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