5 Tips to Transition Your Toddler to a New Daycare

The school year is coming to an end and Jr has successfully gone through a school year at his “new school”. We switched Jr to a new daycare/school after continuous thought and talks with the hubby Big Marcos.

You see this was not easy at all for me because my baby boy had been at his first daycare school since he was eight weeks old. He had his first steps there ( and yes I got teary eyed). The staff and owners loved him and treated him as if he was their own and I felt confident going to work knowing he was in a safe environment. Plus it was very convenient having him so close to my job.

Well when Jr turned three in September we knew we wanted to put him in an academy near our house and Imagine Me Academy was the academy for us.  

Within this new journey we have had our ups and downs and let me tell you I was really ragged before and during the transition (it didn’t help that I had pregnancy hormones running through my body).

Looking back at our transition to the new school there were some things that helped us make our transition easier on both Jr and me.

1. Take your child with you to check out the new daycare/school: Taking Jr with me allowed him to check out the surroundings and people who work at his new school. Even though he was shy he was still able to have those who work at his school interact with him, creating a positive first impression. If you are still deciding between a couple of schools try to narrow it down to maybe two or three. Take the kiddo with you to see how the staff and your child reacts with one another during the tour and Q&A talk. This will help greatly in the decision process later on.

2.  Stay positive: The day I dropped Jr off I had to stay upbeat and positive the entire time (I was actually a nervous wreck). Remember this is only his second school he has been to. I also know my child is not a people person and really doesn’t talk to other people unless your family. Knowing this about him made me even more nervous because I knew he would have a melt down when I left.

And he did!!!

But I had to stay positive and leave smiling reassuring him that I would be back. This lasted for about two to three weeks before he was comfortable enough for me to leave without him having a melt down.

We as parents have to remember our kiddos pick up on our anxiety and uneasiness. Even if you have to fake it till you make it, Do It.

3.  Have a transition period: As a teacher I was fortunate enough to put Jr in his new school a week before I went back to work. This gave me an extra sense of security. Just in case he had a meltdown I was able to stop what I was doing (I wasn’t doing much)  and attend to his needs for that week. Even though he is a big boy and didn’t need me, having this transition period gave me the comfort I needed. If you are unable to have a transition period that is perfectly fine. There are other ways to make sure this period of change is still easier on everyone, which is where points four and five come in.

4. Call and check up: Because I personally knew who would be taking care of Jr I didn’t call ( I did tell them to call me for anything) but I knew I could check on him throughout the day if I needed too. Don’t worry about being a nuisance daycare/schools receive calls all the time by parents checking on their child. This is normal and more than okay to do.

5.  Be excited during pick up time: When I say this I mean be so excited it hurts. Of course we love our kids and miss them during our time apart but during this transition it helps to be overly excited to see them. When I picked Jr up I wanted him to feel that even though he was somewhere new I was super excited to see him and to hear about his day during this transition.

Moving kiddos to a new school is never easy for anyone in the family, but there can be ways to make the transition easier for our children and us.

What has helped you during a time of transition for your family?

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