Summertime Fun

Since the kids are home from daycare for the summer I am planning summer fun time in order to keep them active and engaged(and this saves me from going bonkers while they tear the house down). Living in Houston gives me the opportunity to get the kids out the house on the certain days I have planned while not spending too much money.

I’m all about schedules when it comes to the kids and this summer a schedule will help take the guesswork away when we wake up each morning (very very early in the morning). Now this schedule will not be followed to the “T” (let’s face it sometimes sitting at home and doing absolutely nothing works too) but it gives me some sort of starting point for the day.

Monday: Morning walk

Tuesday: Something in Houston

Wednesday: Morning walk

Thursday: Arts and Craft

Friday: Morning walk

Saturday: Water fun (pool, splash pad, etc)

Sunday: Church and Family

I believe in school related learning so we will be incorporating that into our days and eventually I will be putting Cos in swim lessons, which will add one more activity to our schedule.

This schedule will work at keeping us somewhat busy over the summer. I know just sitting in the house all summer will not work for my kiddos and having them couped up in the house will make them stir crazy and drive me insane.

What do you do with your kids over the summer to keep them busy and you sane?

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