16 Fun Facts About Me

Hey y’all what better way to introduce myself than to give you a couple of facts about me.

  1. I have two beautiful children
  2. I am a mother to a sweet baby boy guardian angel
  3. As soon as the Halloween candy comes out I make a mad dash to grab candy corn and I eat it until they put out the Christmas candy.
  4. I’ve been married to my handsome hubby for three years now
  5. My favorite movie series is non other than Harry Potter. If it comes on t.v. (which is does regularly) I will watch each Harry Potter movie every time.
  6. I love to me by myself. Some may find this hard to believe, but I love being uninterrupted with my own thoughts
  7. I’m a serious homebody and love, love, love being at home with a good book and of course Netflix
  8. I hate the outdoors, but I have to suck it up for the kids sake.
  9. I love tattoos and will stop a random person to compliment them on their artwork
  10. I’m a self taught photographer (camera I use: Nikon D3200, Prefered Lense: manual 50mm)
  11. I keep my friends circle really small (the more peeps the more drama)
  12. I love cutting grass
  13. My pet peeve: I hate when people stare
  14. My favorite music is R&B with a little jazz mixed in now and then
  15. My favorite colors are purple and pink, but it can’t be just any shade. I have to have a deep purple and a hot pink. And for some reason I believe in my mind these two colors go together.
  16. My favorite candy is Twizzlers, unless it’s the month of October then I buy enough bags of candy corn to quench my craving until next year
  17. I love to wear wigs (I enjoy being able to have different hair whenever I feel without having to cut or dye my natural hair)


What are some fun facts about you??


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