Potty Training My Son

After having Nessa, our beautiful Rainbow Baby, nine months ago I’m already thinking about potty training… AGAIN!  See, this is my first go round with a girl and I can honestly say I have no idea how the heck I’m going to get her on the toilet (insert huge sigh of uncertainty).


With Cos potty training was easy. It kind of just happen to be an awesome experience due to the fact that he’s a boy. We started off by training him outside, in the grass. We live in a spacious neighborhood where houses aren’t on top of one another and our house is gated off and away from the road. So this made potty training Cos safe because all he had to do is walk behind the house.

                    Every time he had to use the restroom he would say:

“I have to go pee pee outside”


We would open the front door for him and let him handle his business. Now there was a time where he said “mommy I have to go potty outside” and me thinking he just had to do his usual I opened the door and helped him out of his pull-up. At this point he was beginning to take ALL of his clothes off (shirt, socks included) until I stopped him and asked hesitantly

“Cos what are you doing?”

“Mommy I have to go poop”

Needless to say I had to sweetly explain (in a quick way) how we pee pee outside but poop on the potty, while slowly ushering him back into the house to use the potty. After that he knew he could pee outside and poop in the house.


Luck was on my side one day due to a downpour of rain. Cos wanted to pee outside and since it was raining that whole day I explained to him how he couldn’t go outside because of the rain and he had to use the potty in the house. Of course he had to check the weather for himself and upon seeing all the rain he very nicely agreed and walked with me to the bathroom and did what he had to do. This turned his outside sessions inside and the rest is history.


Even today Cos will sometimes  pee outside, and I’m okay with that. Sometimes you have to pick and choose your battles in order to make your life as a mom easier.


What were some ways you potty trained your son?

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