Me Time. No Kids Allowed

I need a break!!! From everything!!! And everyone!!!


I cook, clean, take care of an infant and toddler and I’m around them 24/7, even when I’m not around my kids I’m around them because guess who gets a phone call when something isn’t right. (those of you who know about this know why this post is important). I do wifey duties and work a full time job that involves more kids.


All of that said I believe I’m due for some me time. I don’t mean a once in a blue moon me time, I’m talking about at least once a month I commit myself to myself and everyday I do something small for myself. I know this will be easier said than done, but I have to try.


All the time us moms trade stories of the kiddos, marriage, and even the occasional “what I’ve done in the past six months for me” talk which always leads to “well I did have to take the kids with me” or “I had to back out because XYZ” But at some point all that has to stop. As women we are Super Woman and can do anything and everything. If need be we can save the world with a baby on one hip and a load of laundry on the other and still make dinner in time.


At some point I know I have to realize in order for everyone to be happy, stay happy I have to take care of myself  and my sanity first.


So in order to take care of myself first I know there are some things I can do around the house that will jump start my me time




Twizzlers and a movie

Cocktail Time



All of these things bring me peace and allow me to zone out while I’m doing them which gives me some type of sanity after whatever the day has thrown at me. Now the “big me time events” I know will be especially hard due to having the kiddos, but I must learn to rely on my family to make this happen. I can at least step outside my Super Mom role and dedicate one Saturday a month to doing something for me. Whether it’s for an hour or an entire day (if I’m lucky) I have to get out and do something by myself or with friends.


Some things that I would enjoy doing would be:


Spa Day

Pedi’s and Mani’s

Lunch with the girls

Going to the Movies

Retail therapy


What are things you do to have your Me Time

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