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Can I have everyone’s attention please!!!!

We finally did it. We finally had a date night this past weekend and it was much needed and well deserved. We had this weekend planned for a whole week and had family set up to watch the kids while we enjoyed ourselves.

While we love our kids to the moon and back we still need time for just us. To be in each other’s presence, without the kids was lovely.

Nessa (2)
Jr (5)

Since having kids we haven’t been able to just go and have fun with just the two of us. Having date nights has been a struggle for us because even though we have family to rely on they have a life of their own too.

We decided on a Saturday night movie and a visit to one of our favorites bars, Bar Louie. The atmosphere was great as well as the food. We realized we are not what we once were. Staying up all night and ready to go the next morning are days long gone lol.

Waking up early for church Sunday was brutal but we managed to pick the kids up and make it to early service, which starts at 7:45am by the way. We even had a Texans football game planned for Sunday afternoon that we attended, even though we were sleepy as all get out. We had fun and that’s the main thing. We made a promise to schedule date night more regularly in order to share ourselves with each other without the kids.


Couples with children need to have bonding time without the kids. We weren’t built to just go about life without bonding with our significant other. We need that time to reconnect without being interrupted by yells and in our case tattle telling.

No time together can be detrimental to a relationship because we end up neglecting one another. Becoming separate people instead of one which can lead to arguments and misunderstandings.

Sit down with your lover and plan a day away from the kid(s) and commit to that day. Either find someone in the family or hire someone to watch them while your gone. A couple of hours is good enough to spend time with one another.

Get out, have fun and stay connected.

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