Recently I have been feeling so bombarded with emotions and feeding off of my kids emotions during their fighting and bickering or their whining. Many of you know what I’m talking about. The fussing between my kids leads to them calling me to correct the situation (no matter how minuscule is it), which then leads to them yelling at each other and eventually one hitting the other. I try my best to handle the situation in a calm manner, but there are those times where I’m yelling and fussing at them to get them to hear me. Not cool, I know. So instead of saying my usual

“Lord give me Strength”

I was moved to actually pray about my emotions and how I needed help from the Lord to guide my emotions and my tongue. After writing my prayer and reading it I felt so much better. The next day I read my prayer before picking the kids up from daycare and can I tell you I felt at ease. Now don’t get me wrong yes they will continue to push those buttons, but I feel better knowing that I have relied on God to improve and help me.

“Heavenly Father I come to you today for patient with my children. I know not everyday will be a good day, but I am praying for the ability to understand my children and their needs in a season of non-understanding. Give me the ability to anger slowly when they do not behave or do as I would like them to. Lord give me the patience to walk them through their troubles and help them understand who they are and how they feel. Lord Jesus I am coming to you for peace in a challenging season of my life as a mom. I need to be slow to speak in times of anger and slow to yell in times of frustration. Through you God I know this is possible and I turn this over to you. YOU are my salvation and my redemption and I know you can do this for me.”


Posted by:Victoria

Houston, Texas portrait photographer

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