My inner spiritual peace is so important to me. Everything feels right when I have my inner peace on point. I can function and handle everyday happenings so much better throughout my day. For the past two weeks I have been feeling so much inner turmoil that I had to start really thinking:

What am I doing different that is causing me so much inner grief.

Of course the first thing I did was turn outwards and started looking at everyone around me to place blame on them as to why I was feeling off with MY inner peace. It was not until I actually stopped and literally sat and stared off into nothingness that the Lord presented me with my problems,

About two months ago I started my journey back to God and praying on a daily basis. I also started going to the gym on a daily basis during the summer. This put me in an awesome mood each day and allowed me to get my mind together to function with my husband, kids and at work.

My inner peace was on ten and I loved it!!!!!

I incorporated listening to podcasts and sermons on my way to work after dropping the kids off at daycare (which is only a good five minutes but hey just that little time helped). During my conference period at work while grading papers. Also on my way to the gym from work and while working out.

I would read devotionals and Gods word through apps I put on my phone and I also took time to actually reflect on myself and my family on a spiritual level.

Well guess what I stopped doing two weeks ago?

I stopped listening to my podcasts and sermons, stopped listening for Gods voice and stopped working out (in my defense I stopped working out because my tooth was hurting so bad and I ended up needing a root canal). Still, this disrupted my inner peace so bad that I started being grumpy at home and not as energetic at work.

To be honest I’m glad I’m going through this because I would have never known what I needed to stay at peace. So this week I have started back on my usual routine of listening to my favorite podcasts and sermons and my workout routine will resume after work.

Being at peace within myself is a totally different feeling. I’m happy, chilled, and grateful. Thank God!


Posted by:Victoria

Houston, Texas portrait photographer

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