I have been on a journey lately to hear Gods voice better. The past couple of years I have not been as accepting of Gods voice and my Holy Spirit as I once was. Getting into a season of my life where I am depending on God and his grace more and more has brought me to a stage in my life where listening for God to speak to me is more important every day.

I cannot hear God as loud during the day as I can at night. During the day I have so much going on with teaching a classroom full of teenagers that my mind and spirit gets sucked into their emotions and attitudes in order for me to help them not only educationally but emotionally as well. Also raising my own kids and being there for them weakens the listening ear I have for Gods voice.

Throughout my day I hear God speak to me very quietly but at night is when he is the loudest. He knows at night I have nothing to do but to listen. I have come to realize the nights I can’t sleep well and am tossing and turning are the nights I remind myself I need to pray to open my heart and spirit to the Lord to hear what he has to say to me. Now this hasn’t been easy (and I don’t expect it to be). When we can’t sleep our first reaction is to get mad because we know, depending on what the next day holds, that we need to sleep to be able to wake up and get through the day. So I have to remind myself to stop thinking about the next day and actually live in the moment with the Lord. When I’m up at night I hear what God wants to tell me either through song (it’s never the whole song just a certain part), a single word, or phrase. God also knows that he can make a huge impact on me through my dreams and will speak to me that way as well. God knows I’m a researcher at heart and will put things in my mind for me to look up while laying in bed. I take notes on my phone of what God wants me to research or the dream I had and think of ways God wants me to interpret the dream.

In my season of waiting and listening my goal is to grow closer to God and allow myself to stop and think about what God is telling me. I know for sure God is guiding me into my purpose and being I just need to pay attention and listen.

Posted by:Victoria

Houston, Texas portrait photographer

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