At the ripe age of thirty-three and a mother to two small kids I can honestly say I have lost the woman I once was and really don’t know who I am suppose to be. Yes I have my career and I love what I do, but I ask myself all the time

“Who has God designed me to be?”

“What has God designed me to do?”

Each and every one of us has been designed to be someone and do something that only we as an individual have been assigned by God to do.

Of course in order to know this I have to sit still and listen to the Lord and walk the ways he tells me to walk. This can be hard for me sometimes because I know what my flesh wants to do and how I would like to live my life, but God has a different path that I have to be accepting of.

Lord I come to you today confused and lost. I know you have a path for me to follow. I know you have designed me to be someone spectacular but I just don’t know what to do. Please show me the way You want me to go and who you want me to be.


Posted by:Victoria

Houston, Texas portrait photographer

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